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The first step in designing a new home or renovation/addition is to write a program, a checklist of the client’s needs and wants. It should include a list of the rooms needed, their estimated sizes, and where they should be in relationship to one another. It usually includes any special features and the style of architecture desired. Using the program we can develop a proposed budget and establish the feasibility of the project.


Based on the program provided by the client we will develop preliminary designs and drawings in sufficient detail to indicate the scope and intent of the proposed project. To help our clients better understand the designs we may use three-dimensional modeling. Careful consideration will be given to site conditions such as existing buildings, potential views, and tree locations. The designs will also be in compliance with deed restrictions, building setbacks, and utility easements. With a developed design we can estimate building costs and verify the preliminary design is within the proposed budget.


Based on a preliminary design approved by the client we will develop contract documents in sufficient detail to obtain building permits and bids from general contractors. The contract documents include highly detailed architectural drawings and specifications and represent the bulk of the work we do. These drawings will be in compliance with all code requirements and coordinated with electrical, mechanical, and structural systems. We typically work with several different consultants at this stage such as landscape architects, interior designers, and lighting consultants. In addition to the drawings we prepare we will engage the services of engineers to prepare structural drawings and if necessary a drainage plan.


We will act as our client’s advocate throughout the construction process. We provide analysis during bidding and consultation during contract negotiation. We will visit the construction site regularly to monitor progress and provide any necessary interpretation or clarification of the drawings. We will also review payment applications and change order requests.



Depending on the scope and nature of the project, we charge on the basis of time and expenses or a percentage of construction cost. The fees of the engineers or any other consultants will be separate and in addition to our fees.


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